Frank and Lesley

Lesley and I met Conrad in Formby in 1977. We met through Chris, his first wife, a PE teacher at my school in Liverpool. We met regularly until Lesley and I moved to Wolverhampton. I taught him German, he taught me Modern Jazz. We literally became ‘blood brothers’. He was my mentor in all things musical and jazz. I regarded him as the older brother I didn’t have. He was a mine of information, the most well-read man I have ever met and one of the most humble. He and Lesley discussed fiction they had read. We discussed Religion in depth and shared an interest in Socialism.

He was Maigret, ‘le patron’ to my Lucas. He was passionate about George’s Simenon. In Wolverhampton, he would visit us every week for our “Wednesday Night Prayer Session”, when teaching me to play tenor sax. At this time he was based in Coventry. The three of us would go to the theatre and gigs.

He broadened our experiences and our minds. He was the most wonderful, talented, worldly and sharing man in our lives. Long may he be remembered!

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