Paul and Rhona

When Conrad was first introduced to our family, Peter and Mary, Ali’s parents were unsurprisingly a little alarmed that this ‘older man’ was pursuing their daughter, he was older than she, he had been married twice, and divorced, not a great track record. Conrad in love and undeterred charmed them into acceptance. He and Peter became firm friends, enjoying each other’s company over lunch, a chat and a glass or two. Mary loved him, he flattered us all unashamedly and was great company when we met, so knowledgeable and funny, making us laugh and groan with his quick witted quips.

He and Mary especially, grew very close, he loved to tease her and she enjoyed every minute of it, when she moved to Aylestone after Peter died weekly film nights in the Cork cinema were much looked forward to and enjoyed. Conrad the film buff would put on a season of ‘Maigret’ or ‘Agatha Christie’ among many favourites. He and Ali cared for Mary until she went into a nursing home where he was a welcome visitor until she died.

Conrad and Ali were a great team, that they loved each other was clear to see, he was very proud of her and their home, their ‘French gite’ in the middle of Aylestone. 

We’ll miss you Conrad, your wisdom, your wit, and your wine. With our love Rhona and Paul xxx

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