Robert Darlaston

I first encountered Conrad when we started at KES in September 1951, both of us being place in Shell C, whose form-master was “Slimy” Cooke.   I think the poor man gained his unfortunate nickname because of his rather oily speech delivery.    I was an only child and had arrived from a very small ‘prep’ school, thus finding KES initially rather overwhelming.   The form was seated in alphabetical order, so I was placed next to Conrad and I was encouraged to find that he too found life rather overpowering at first.    We thus were very friendly during our first year at KES.     I remember he cheerfully added to my worries by quoting his father as saying that Birmingham University (adjacent to KES) had been at the cutting edge of research into nuclear weapons and the area was thus a prime target for Russian missiles before the elapse of much more time! In later years we moved into different forms and went our separate ways, but when the “Class of ‘51” group was formed in the early 2000s I was delighted to meet Conrad once more and to chat about our very different paths in life.

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