Chris and Lynette

We met Conrad at the second Sloggers and Betters get-together at Derby. We were somewhat apprehensive about attending. We deliberately didn’t attend the first one – the thought of a room full of crossword fanatics was a bit daunting. Conrad was sitting there with a pint and we sat down and introduced ourselves. The start of a wonderful friendship. Eileen and Peter were there as the organisers. After a few more S&B events, the friendship grew and so began the start of a mini East Midlands S&B. Our regular gatherings involved sharing crosswords, putting the world to right and generally laughing. Conrad introduced us to Indian food and his suggestions of what we would like were always correct. The start of each one would always involve at least one big hug between Conrad and Lynette – actually more than one usually. His hugs were wonderful – they wrapped around you and a feeling of warmth and friendship passed between. It is hard when you remember that those are a thing of the past now.

There were regular emails too from Conrad. The early morning flurry of emails after Brexit will not be forgotten but most included a cryptic clue that he thought we would enjoy. We always did although sometimes we needed a prompt or two with only the word length to guide us. Conrad’s dry wit and sharp mind was amazing. We feel very privileged to have spent time with him and Ali. We will miss him deeply.

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