Andy (Ali’s cousin) and Glenda

When my mum and dad (Ali’s Aunty Mary and Uncle Bert) first told us about Ali’s wedding to Conrad you could detect the uncertainty in their voices – he’s much older than Alison, we’re not sure how they’ll get on!  Of course any doubts were quickly swept away as soon as they and we first met Ali and Conrad together: two kind and generous people who were very well suited and clearly wonderful together. I can’t remember when we actually met Conrad for the first time Ali; it was probably at one of our parents’ significant birthdays or wedding anniversaries, but thereafter he was always someone you looked forward to meeting again – very interesting and easy to be with. Glenda sums him up so succinctly: “I always liked Conrad”. I’m pretty sure my own conversations with him have included politics and the environment, and maybe even crosswords, but I’m sorry I never spoke with him about the jazz music; that would have been a pleasure for me, and it is my loss. 

I do remember Conrad’s kind comments about the family at my mum and dad’s 65th wedding anniversary – he said “you can feel the love” and I know it meant a lot to them. Glenda and I are glad, as well, that we have been able to call in and see you both at Belvoir Drive (pre-covid), your warmth and hospitality were a pleasure for us both. 

We’ll be delighted to raise a glass or two (at least one each!) to Conrad on the 19th. For me, as well as a glass of red wine I will include a fine English ale. I will choose “Old Peculier” knowing that he would appreciate the intended humour. Farewell Conrad, Andy Taylor.

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