Kerry and Dean

“How many Buddhists does it take to change a lightbulb?
None…enlightenment comes from within”

Conrad would have momentarily guffawed at that joke, smiled sympathetically at my feeble attempt at humour before deconstructing it word by word. We both met Conrad at different times in our lives in the 1990s and both warmed to him immediately. Whilst trying to pen this eulogy we looked at one another and asked the question “What did he see in us?” and although we may never know the answer, we will always be hugely grateful because without his friendship we would have missed out on so much wisdom, advice, laughs and most of all his unwavering support, no matter what the situation.

It’s that unequivocal support that we will treasure the most. We were never as talented as Conrad, or as learned nor could we ever compete with him intellectually but he didn’t care. I even told him once that jazz was for people who can’t play instruments correctly and still I couldn’t incur his wrath. An evening with Conrad was always an outing to look forward to, filled with laughs punctuated by anecdotes revealing his unique view on the world but most importantly, we always came away feeling as though we had been cleansed of self-doubt and worry. Imagine having the ability to listen and then make someone feel better about themselves and the world around them! That’s a real talent and one we have sadly now lost.

But this eulogy isn’t meant to be maudlin. The word ‘unique’ is often over-used but no one who took the time to befriend Conrad could ever disagree that he had a personality and qualities which are rare. So instead of being sad at his passing, we just want to say an enormous heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to Conrad for allowing is into his life for quarter of a century and for the indelible positivity he gave us both.

with Kerry and Dean at Aspects

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