Elaine Cork

Merrick, Conrad cradling Elaine, Adrian

My memories with Grandad are all around food – especially Indian cuisine! I remember him coming to Formby and cooking for my Dad. Growing up, we mostly had ‘freezer teas’ so I remember it being a big thing cooking from scratch and using the wok – which we used as a fruit bowl!! He gave my Dad countless tips on aloo chaat but Dad never quite mastered it! Grandad once took me to an Indian supermarket too. I’m not sure why I remember this – perhaps because it was something I’d never done before? Grandad had great taste and his recommendations were always spot on – whether this be when we came to Leicester or when he recommended an Indian in Chester that he read about. 

I always admired Grandad’s intelligence and sense of humour. When we came to Leicester, you used to take me into the garden to collect flowers which we’d arrange in jars whilst Dad and Grandad talked and laughed. 

Grandad was once the subject of my coursework at college! I had to interview him about his health and diet. We did this via email and he gave detailed answered which helped so much with the project.  I also remember sitting around the computer in your front room looking at photos. I love old family photos so I loved this time and hearing about Cork family members from Grandad’s point of view.  I once pinged Grandad’s braces and he told me off! I must have been about 5 or 6. I was mortified and never did it again!!

I always admired your relationship with Grandad. It was so obvious how much you loved and cared for each other. I think the photo I have attached captures this and I love how Merrick is smiling at you both. I am cross that covid took away family get togethers, hugs and love from us all. Janine and I were so pleased that Grandad loved the photos we shared. I just wish I could have gone through them in person with him.

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