Mike Phillipson

Conrad and I became and remained steadfast friends since meeting in our first year at Nottingham University. We shared a common and driven enthusiasm for music-making which consumed much of our undergraduate time. At that stage, although he was already a multi-instrumentalist, we couldn’t have anticipated that, much later, he would develop a truly innovativeContinue reading “Mike Phillipson”

Kerry and Dean

“How many Buddhists does it take to change a lightbulb?None…enlightenment comes from within” Conrad would have momentarily guffawed at that joke, smiled sympathetically at my feeble attempt at humour before deconstructing it word by word. We both met Conrad at different times in our lives in the 1990s and both warmed to him immediately. WhilstContinue reading “Kerry and Dean”

Andy (Ali’s cousin) and Glenda

When my mum and dad (Ali’s Aunty Mary and Uncle Bert) first told us about Ali’s wedding to Conrad you could detect the uncertainty in their voices – he’s much older than Alison, we’re not sure how they’ll get on!  Of course any doubts were quickly swept away as soon as they and we first metContinue reading “Andy (Ali’s cousin) and Glenda”

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