Simon Edlin

I have some memories of Conrad:
First Indian meal together in Coventry. His first work after the mid-70's depression -
 Me - 'What sort of music do you like?'
 Con – 'Jazz. Improvised. My preferred instrument is saxophone.'
 Me – 'Ah. Is John Coltrane the stand out figure?'
 Con – 'I've got 3 books about him.'

He relaxed, I was someone he could talk to.
 Me – 'So apart from vegetarian Indian food, what do Buddhists believe   in?'
 Con – 'It's not prescriptive like other religions. The Buddha said 'I haven't got all the answers, if you want enlightenment you'll have to find it yourself'

I relaxed. He was someone I could talk to.

Conrad's neighbours in Formby were 2 elderly eccentric sisters, Ann and Cynthia Formby. I knew their 2 sisters Carol (my Godmother) and Una who lived in London and knew they hailed from Formby. Carol told me 'Oh yes, Mr Cork is ever so kind fixing things for Cynthia. Their youngest fired an arrow into their garden'. Conrad was amazed to be told this 100 miles from home. When I told Conrad I was getting married on June 3rd he created a cassette of a song 'Where were you on the night of June the third?' which had slightly suspect lyrics and yes it was played at the wedding reception and Conrad met Carol and Una Formby.
Conrad was successful at Hygena Kitchens, a Univac site, building up a 'Chief Programmer' team. He believed (and I fully concurred) that 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts' when you have a team that help and trust one another.

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