Julie in Australia

Despite the fact that I didn’t ever have the pleasure of meeting him in person, I counted Conrad as a dear friend. I only knew of him through our love of cryptic crosswords, but was fortunate enough to strike up an email correspondence because of our mutual friendship with Eileen McKillican. Conrad was so kind to me during some challenges in my own life, and I kept him in my own thoughts as he faced some health challenges in recent times. In turn, Conrad was delighted to learn in March of my husband’s full recovery from cancer, and the birth of our dear new granddaughter so far away in Brooklyn in the US. Conrad genuinely shared in these joyful pieces of news. He really understood and felt for us regarding the fact that distance and the disruption to travel caused made the latter news bittersweet.

Even though I only knew Conrad briefly at the end of his life, I very much admired his clever mind, his gift with words, his sensitivity, his creativity and musical talents, and the small glimpses I had into his interesting life experiences. I feel deeply sad that Conrad has died and will remember him with enormous fondness. Sincere condolences to Ali and Conrad’s family.

Conrad, I am so disappointed that I didn’t ever achieve my wish to meet up with you some time in a quaint English pub to talk “crosswords and life” at a Sloggers and Betters gathering. Thank you for our friendship which transcended the distance between us, and now transcends even death.

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