Eileen McKellican

Unlike most others, I’ve only known Conrad for ten years – like Chris and Lynette, through the crossword blog site fifteensquared.net, which has contributors from all over the world.
Early on, I was aware of one Conrad Cork as a witty commenter, who divulged that, like me, he lived in Leicester. One day, a free copy of one of those local glossy magazines that you see in dentists’ waiting rooms dropped through my letter box and there was a photo of Conrad Cork and his wife, along with an article about allotments.
Some time later, on my way to the first Derby gathering (Sloggers and Betters), mentioned by Chris and Lynette, of 15² aficionados, I saw that the gentleman sitting opposite me in the station waiting room, sporting bright red socks, was unmistakably the Conrad Cork in the photo. After I tentatively introduced myself, as the gentleman he was, he forwent his first class seat and travelled with me – the start of a ‘wonderful friendship’, which we shared with Chris and Lynette and Peter – and of course, Ali.
Bizarrely, it turned out that Conrad and Ali had lived just two hundred yards round the corner from me for a number of years.
The very last photograph on Ali’s lovely blog is the Conrad we knew: glass in hand, smile on his face, crossword on his lap and Collins and Chambers within easy reach.
It was indeed a privilege to know him – I’d love to have met him in earlier days.
RIP, dear friend.

celebrating Eileen’s 80th birthday

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